Our Story

Dudley Law is a full-service, family law firm that helps each of our clients make sense of the legal process / navigate the legal process. We handle a wide variety of cases ranging from simple uncontested divorces to complicated cases, involving high conflict custody issues and complex property division. Dudley Law understands that no two situations are the same. For that reason, we work hand-in-hand with each client to get a full understanding of all the variables of a case. We then work as a team to identify our client’s goals. A specific action plan is then created to ensure a good outcome for all involved.

Dudley Law removes the confusion that can be associated with the legal process. We educate our clients on what their legal options are and what to expect. Goals are set based on our client’s desired outcome, wishes, and needs. Once the goals are agreed upon the action plan is set into motion.

Our partnership with our client is one based on respect and transparency. We understand the nature of family issues will try every emotion. In addition, the legal process can be very intimidating to most individuals. Dudley Law understands this and effectively works to ensure every detail of your case is communicated and every question is addressed. We break down each step in the process into a timeline, outlined in a way that is easy to understand.

Why is our approach important? We know that without a shared vision of the steps involved and clearly defined goals the finish line is difficult to reach, and costs everyone time and money. Our approach ensures your case is resolved efficiently and quickly, costing as little financially and emotionally as possible.