Child Custody

When new issues present themselves, we can help modify your current order.  We’ve helped clients modify orders in a variety of ways, including but not limited to when a party wants to:

  • Solve a disagreement about a medical, psychological or educational decision
  • Change who the children live with primarily
  • Move, when there is a geographic restriction in place
  • Change the possession schedule
  • Increase or decrease child support
  • Introduce new behavioral controls or modify existing ones
    • Alcohol/Drug injunctions, testing, monitoring, and/or counseling
    • Psychological testing for parents and/or children
    • Counseling for parents and/or children

We also pursue and defend enforcement actions.  Whether the other party is continually violating an existing order or you have been accused of doing the same, we develop effective approaches to solve the problem for good.


"The biggest challenge in my case was that my divorce decree did not have a geographical restriction and the children's mother moved the kids from Texas to Georgia. While in Georgia, the mother was not keeping up with the visitation agreement. Kacy put together a case to bring the kids back to Texas which included enforcement actions and agreement modifications."


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart."